The Coaching for Success Program

The Coaching for Success Program is a structured business coaching program that has been developed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow, expand, and reach their next level of success. Industry experts will help you by sharing their ideas and insightful perspectives throughout the business coaching process.


  • You must be in operation for one year and a client of The Business Centre to be eligible for this program.

How this program will help you:

Based on their experience and knowledge our coaches will:

  • Listen to and discuss your business challenges;
  • Offer you feedback in a respectable and truthful manner;
  • Provide recommendations to help identify any weaknesses that may be restraining your business development;
  • Help you generate ideas and options relating to your business growth and future goals;
  • Assist you in building more confidence and staying focused while sustaining high levels of motivation;
  • Empower you to make smart business decisions;
  • And refer you to additional professionals when suitable.

The Coaching for Success Program will commit to assisting you with coaching for a six month period. Any additional assistance would be determined by The Business Centre.

The coach assigned to you will do a monthly face-to-face, one-on-one consultation, as well as maintain weekly contact with you by email or phone. Weekly contact will ensure essential assistance, support, and encouragement with your progress.

If you are interested in giving back to the community by volunteering as a business coach or would like to benefit from this program to grow your business, please contact The Business Centre.