Youth in Business

Preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs for success is vital to the prosperity of our community. TBC encourages students to join these programs and take their first steps into the journey of running their own businesses.


Full-time students are more than capable entrepreneurs, which is why TBC gives students between the ages of 15 and 29 the opportunity to run their own small business venture over the summer months. Successful candidates will receive a cash injection of up to $3,000, no strings attached, to help develop their plan, while being able to bank all the profits of their venture from the summer! You will also receive business training virtually, guidance and mentoring while gaining valuable business and leadership skills.

Lemonade Day North Bay

Lemonade Day is an opportunity for youth to start, own and operate their own Lemonade Stand. Lemonade Day focuses on exposing elementary school students to entrepreneurship while teaching them how to: save some, spend some, and share some! The impact of a program like Lemonade Day is four-fold:

  1. teaches financial literacy to kids;
  2. promotes entrepreneurship, which is key to jump-starting economic growth in the community;
  3. teaches kids to be responsible and self-reliant and to contribute to their community’s development and
  4. fosters mentorship and bring families together.

Lemonade Day was first introduced in Houston, Texas in 2007 to provide children and young adults with a variety of entrepreneurial skills not taught anywhere in the education system. Since 2007, more than 1 million kids have learned about business ownership by participating in Lemonade Day and hosting a lemonade stand in their community. In 2019, over 80 cities participated in this fantastic program!