One-on-one Consultations:

Our Business Development Advisor or Virtual Service Advisor can meet with you to understand your business or idea and provide information on how The Business Centre can assist you through our various resources, programs, business-related training and events, as well as through our professional partner referral system.

Ontario Business Registry:

The Business Centre can assist with the registration of your Business Licence through the Ontario Business Registry website, registration fees are paid using Visa, MasterCard or a debit/credit card. Click here to register.


Through our programing, clients may have the opportunity to develop specific skills and enhance their personal and professional growth. Our mentors may be TBC partners, business leaders, or seasoned professional.

Business Plan Development:

The Business Centre will provide you with a Business Plan Overview to help you understand what will be required in your Business Plan and can then help you develop that Business Plan with advice, a detailed business plan guide, additional tools and resources.

Information on Funding Opportunities:

Through consultation, The Business Centre can help you identify funding opportunities that may be available to you and your business and assist you with the application process and connect you with funders to determine eligibility and process.

Resource Library:

The Business Centre has many business resources available to the public that cover a variety of business related topics such as taxation, marketing, social media, e-commerce, business registration, hiring employees, intellectual property, workplace safety, not-for-profits, and more.